Women’s Café II

Women’s Café II

Love, cheating, money, fashion and beauty, life dilemmas, meetings with celebrities, experts’ advice…all that and much more will be talked about in Paulina Młynarska’s new season of Women’s Café. New episodes will be broadcast from March 21 to May 11, everyday from Monday to Thursday at 21.00 on POLSAT Cafe.

Women’s Café is a new program for modern women who are open to all that life has brought them and are not afraid to discuss difficult topics. In every episode –just as in Season I—we will hear true stories of people who find themselves in uncommon circumstances and often have to make serious life decisions.

Just as in the previous season, Season II will feature various celebrities. These meetings will be a great opportunity to separate gossip from truth and to find out how our headline celebrities are doing.

In Season II, Paulina Młynarska has invited Henryka Krzywonos, Grażyna Wolszczak, Krystyna Kofta, Katarzyna Zielińska, Magdalena Gessler, Paweł Staliński, Tomasz Jacykow, Bartek Kasprzykowski, Ryszard Kalisz and other famous and valued people.

Once more, the viewers watching the new episodes will have a chance to meet top health, beauty, fashion, dietary or financial specialists.

Despite that, serious subjects will not dominate Women’s Café and in almost every episode, the host will undergo a metamorphosis depending on the theme of the episode. For example, in episode 35  entitled ‘I’m afraid to get old’ Paulina Młynarska will be turned into a sweet elderly lady, and in the episode devoted to late motherhood, she will look like she’s pretty far along. The host will also learn – having the viewers as witnesses and experts as supervisors – how the body and soul can benefit from doing various physical exercises or from dancing the tango passionately.

Thanks to the host’s years of experience and her charming personality, Paulina Młynarska is able to encourage her guests to participate actively in her program. As a result, Paweł Staliński eats oysters, Tomasz Jacykow and the psychologist Maria Rotkiel try belly dancing, Majka Jeżowska wanders about the studio in just a Polynesian bodywrap, and Ryszrd Kalisz does yoga.

Women’s Café – introduces female discussions on every topic. No taboos, no judgments, but a great deal of humor and the highest quality of journalism.

Women’s Café Season II– starting from March 21 to May 11 on POLSAT Café, from Monday to Thursday at 21.00. The host – Paulina Młynarska.

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