Women’s Café 1

Women’s Café 1

Women’s Café is a unique program structured around the one activity that women love the most – informal chit-chatting with other women! They get together to laugh, to be moved, but also to change their lives for the better by learning from other women’s experience.

The host of the new show, Women’s Café, is Paulina Młynarska. This one hour program will have its debut on POLSAT Café on October 4, and from then on will be broadcast on weekdays from Monday to Thursday at 21.00.

Women’s Café is the only program, where every woman regardless of her financial status and the place where she lives, will find a reflection of her daily joys, maladies, dilemmas and problems – from the very serious ones to the smallest ones.

How to smartly argue? How to deal with nosy neighbors? How to find the energy for sex after an exhausting day? How to get to love and appreciate a difficult mother-in-law? How to choose a safe contraception method? These are some of the topics we’ll be talking about at Women’s Café.

The show will not be stripped of practical advice, for example: how to make your old clothes look trendy, how to wash sweaters without destroying them, how to match your hair with your personality, and your bra with your silhouette.

Every episode of Women’s Café will feature famous, well-liked and respected women, who will be discussing the thematic topic of the episode. Their answers will be confronted with true stories told by viewers who will also be invited on the program. The show won’t miss the opportunity to introduce a Celebrity – somebody from the front pages of the newspapers and gossip portals. That should make for the perfect opportunity to separate gossip from the truth and ask some questions that have not been asked before. Women’s Café will also introduce various health and beauty experts, fashion, diet and financial advisers.

Women’s Café introduces female discussions on every topic. No taboos, no judgments, but a great deal of humor and the highest quality of journalism.

Women’s Café – starting on October 4 on POLSAT Café, from Monday to Thursday at 21.00. The host – Paulina Młynarska.




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